About „Planet alive“

Our goal is to unite savants of the Earth for a global peaceful change.pps

We want to establish peace, morality, consciousness and human cooperation in humanity. We seek to preserve virtues common to all people and Earth, to develop morality in major fields of human activity. It is the time to take responsibility for our planet – to become the citizens of the whole Earth.

Savants of the Earth, let’s unite actively to preserve peace and morality on the planet, to heal the Earth. We can become the essential global change in humanity towards peace and consciousness.

More: https://gyvojiplaneta.lt/en/

Initiator and one of the founders of the organization N. Gabija Wolmer

We in the World

Lithuania joined the project Rwanda (Kigali, Africa), Bavaria (Germany), Madrid (Spain).
Have already taken place 162 Hug the Earth „event of the project.
The project involved 7243 people.

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