Love Challenge

Love Challenge



How to do that?

1) Choose a country which you would like to express your love to and explain why you chose that country;

2) Decorate your outfit with attributes representing this country so there would be no doubt which country you chose (flag, costumes, things, music, mountains, etc). Throw down a Love Challenge (you can do this alone or with a group) to this country (choose the language you feel most comfortable with or the language in which you want to address this country). Don’t forget to give a hint in your video about which country is throwing down the challenge, e.g. “Germany, I love you!!! Who do you love?” (Lithuanian flags, music, costumes, subtitles, etc.)

3) Film you Love Challenge (with your mobiles or video camera) and upload it on and us the link to

4) These Love Challenges will be uploaded on Visit this website, share the videos and vote for those you like best. You can vote by clicking “Like” button. The video with most “Likes” will be awarded.

5) Dear pedagogues and other participants: if you need Certificates showing that you have participated in this Love Challenge, please send the following information to – name, surname, telephone number, e-mail, name of the institution/organization. Within one month Certificates of Participants will be sent to the address you provided.

With Love,

“Hug the Earth” Team

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